Where does our data come from?

You might wonder how did we get the data we work from?

We wanted to retrieve as much information as we could on published fanfictions, in the most precise way available to us. The fics archive website that we use (and, I have to say, love) the most is AO3. As a developer the language I am the most familiar with is PHP, so it only made sense to try and code a crawler… in PHP.

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What are the smuttiest ships?

This post is a reaction to standbyyourmantis’s post who raised a most interesting question: what is the smuttiest ship?

We used individual data on the fics published in 2015 on AO3 to answer (to have a manageable data set, we looked only at fics longer than 10000 words … but that is already 75000 fics!). We computed the stats on smut for the 100 most popular central ships (see there for the details), that is fics classified according to the first ship listed in the description.

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